Treat non-healing wounds caused by diabetes

Wounds care caused by diabetes

November 13, 2017 ANT MEDIC 0

Diabetes causes the blood circulation system lesions, the formation of diabetes constitution, wounds often appear difficult to heal wounds, we must do a good job of exudate and ulcer tissue clean up, control of blood sugar, so patients can recover faster.

Harvard Study: longevity tips is eating grains

Harvard Study: longevity tips is eating grains

January 10, 2015 Kasy 0

According to Harvard University study showed that longevity is to eat a little of grains every day, of which the grains can reduce the risk of heart disease. Although it has been widely recognized that the benefits of whole grains on the body, but this is the first time to investigate the effects of long-term perspective of grain for human life. The researchers used 14 years time, follow-up investigation of the diet and health of 10 million people.