Swallow Nicotine’s Bacteria – A New Way to Quit Smoking

In a study published in the Journal of the American Chemical Society, researchers from the Scripps Research Institute have developed a bacterial enzyme that might be used as a candidate drug to help smokers quit , The researchers pointed out that this particular bacterial enzyme can be obtained in the laboratory and has a series of potentials of drug development.

Researchers, Professor Kim Janda, said that the current study is still in its early stages, but the results show that bacterial enzymes have the right characteristics to become successful smoking cessation therapy, this new smoking cessation therapy or can replace the current smoking cessation strategy, The current smoking cessation strategy has been found to be ineffective among at least 80% to 90% of smokers. Special enzymes produced by bacteria in the nicotine into the smoker’s brain can be destroyed before the enzyme, thereby reducing the dependence of smokers on nicotine, so as to achieve the purpose of smoking cessation.

Swallow Nicotine’s Bacteria – A New Way to Quit Smoking

For at least 30 years, researchers and researchers have been working on the development of this particular enzyme in the laboratory. They have now successfully produced enzymes called NicA2 using Pseudomonas putida, and the results This bacterium can effectively consume nicotine.

Researchers say the bacterium, like “Pac-Man,” will continue to advance and eat nicotine; the researchers studied the specific enzymes responsible for the degradation of nicotine-specific bacteria, and examined This enzyme as the effectiveness of therapy; first researchers in a cigarette in mice serum and a dose of nicotine combined, when the addition of special enzymes, the half-life of nicotine from the original 2-3 hours reduced to 9 To 15 minutes, whereas high doses of the enzyme can be more effective in shortening the half-life of nicotine, so as to keep it from entering the brain of smokers as much as possible.

The researchers plan to test the enzyme to determine whether it can be used as a candidate for smoking cessation, said researcher Song Xue, who is relatively stable in serum and is therefore critical to the development of new therapeutic drugs, said Dr. Song, a researcher who plans to test the enzyme. ; Researchers plan to change later by changing the composition of bacteria enzymes to help them more effectively as a new strategy for smoking cessation.

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