How to deal with general wound suppuration

How to deal with general wound suppuration

In daily life, some small accidents are inevitable, especially in the summer, the skin is relatively fragile, it will inevitably have some bumps. We go out to play when not careful with a knife cut his hand, or his own children running jumping how to do? Here teach you how to treat the wound fester.

Processing steps and methods:
1 Once the wound feces then it will be difficult to deal with and pain, wound healing speed will be very slow. If infected with tetanus, the condition will be more serious, if found tetanus must go to the hospital for treatment. Wound fester we can burn the mouth spotted red syrup and disinfectant, it should first pus stains clean.

2 Treatment of wound fester method can also use salt. Ginger salt into the boiling water inside, the wound will be wrapped with gauze wipes, bar wound at the beginning of the salt with the water, know that water does not become hot. This method is the easiest steam method, clean and convenient, generally lasts about 5 minutes.

3 If your wounds can feel the water inside the situation, then this pus is very serious, must go to the hospital to open the wound, it inside the pus released and then disinfected. If your wounds are just around some redness, then you can not worry, this is the precursor of the wound that is about to heal.

Wounds must be used for sterile gauze dressing, or can be used to clean the clean Band-Aid paste. Be sure to replace the drug regularly to prevent infection.

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  1. The formation of, conversion into, or process of discharging pus an abscess is a localized area of suppuration suppuration in a wound

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