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Nano-medicine faster healing for wound

June 8, 2015 ANT MEDIC 0

US researchers said nanoparticles attached external use can significantly accelerate wound healing. They invented this drug may be used to accelerate a variety of wound healing, including daily cuts, burns, surgical incisions and chronic skin ulcers. Finally, this troubled elderly and diabetic patients is a major problem.

Autism Genome major discovery

Autism Genome Discovery

June 2, 2015 ANT MEDIC 0

The largest-ever autism genome research project funded by the Autism Speaks discovered the genetic basis of autism before more complex than believed, most autistic spectrum disorders (ASD) in patients with autistic siblings have different relevant gene.

Human papilloma virus integration site diagram published

Human papilloma virus integration site diagram published

April 28, 2015 ANT MEDIC 0

Published online – a study “Nature Genetics” published on the main cause of cervical cancer – human papillomavirus (HPV) virus integration site map. Viral integration is viral DNA into the host DNA itself in the process, which is the HPV infection leads to one of the major risk factors for cervical cancer generated.

Global energy issues

Global energy issues

March 28, 2015 ANT MEDIC 0

Energy issues since the industrial revolution has been one of mankind’s global problems can not be ignored. Contemporary, endless discussions on energy issues, much of the discussion was different in detail the technical aspects involved in energy. But this is already enough? The author tells you, better energy strategy is far more important to stay in the theoretical stage of advanced technology.