Nano-medicine faster healing for wound

US researchers said nanoparticles attached external use can significantly accelerate wound healing. They invented this drug may be used to accelerate a variety of wound healing, including daily cuts, burns, surgical incisions and chronic skin ulcers. Finally, this troubled elderly and diabetic patients is a major problem.

This drug has been tested in mice, because the wound healing process in mice and humans are very similar, joint leader of the study, David Sharp explained. David is a professor of biophysics and physiology New York Albert Einstein College of Medicine, he hopes to conduct human therapeutic trials as soon as possible.

The research results have been published in this month’s Journal of Investigative Dermatology on.

Nano-medicine faster healing for wound
Nano-medicine faster healing for wound

Wound healing is a complex process involving the many different cells and molecules move to the wound. Even a small skin wounds from the initial blood clotting to tissue regeneration, scar formation, and then have to spend a few weeks until healing time.

“Callus cells faster, more accurately reach the wound, the wound is closed, the better the recovery.” David said.

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