Global energy issues

Energy issues since the industrial revolution has been one of mankind’s global problems can not be ignored. Contemporary, endless discussions on energy issues, much of the discussion was different in detail the technical aspects involved in energy. But this is already enough? The author tells you, better energy strategy is far more important to stay in the theoretical stage of advanced technology.

As a researcher in the field of energy technology and policy research, I found that I have often been involved in the debate on energy technologies, as well as future energy system will play what role. People are always able to quickly listed a technology relative to other technologies in terms of the existence of the advantages or defects, such as “suitable for small-scale wind energy needs, but it will never possess nuclear scale like that! ‘” Electric car ever will not become mainstream! We should use the gas! “” With a battery energy storage is too expensive and difficult to maintain! We should use the accumulator! ”

Regardless of whether these claims are based on the fact that I believe in this way of thinking about energy strategy in itself is a mistake. Today, the energy that we have used a variety of sources. US Energy Information Administration (EIA) latest energy flow diagram accurately shows the US energy sources and expenditures. America’s energy comes from coal, natural gas, domestic oil, nuclear, renewable energy, crude oil imports, and so are many, it is clear that we are not dependent on a single source of energy. In fact, we are enjoying the convenience brought by diversifying the energy mix.

Global energy issues
Global energy issues

Its focus on the development of a specific technology, diversification of energy technologies for the development is more promising way out. Include many forms of renewable energy, including hydro, wind, solar photovoltaic, solar thermal energy, tidal energy, geothermal energy, biomass and so on. In a different environment, different renewable energy respective dominant. In arid, sunny place, solar photovoltaic power generation is the best choice, because it’s running and almost no water needs sunlight. Conversely, if it is like the watered areas such as the Pacific Northwest coast of the United States or Canadian cities, most of the power can be provided by hydropower. And to the New York and Seattle this coastal city, tidal energy has become an excellent choice. Because renewable energy choice depends on the specific local geographical and climatic conditions, so if we want to shift the focus to renewable energy, we should be ready to further diversify energy supply, rather than just focusing on a kinds of technology.

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