Effect of Hyperglycemia on Wound Healing

Effect of Hyperglycemia on Wound Healing

March 24, 2018 ANT MEDIC 0

Hyperglycemia can affect the process of wound healing in diabetic patients. In diabetic patients with poor glycemic control, their platelets tend to coagulate, and the use of insulin can reduce platelet aggregation…

Diabetes - Foot Skin Care

Diabetes – Foot Skin Care

December 7, 2017 ANT MEDIC 0

Foot skin care and maintenance is an important part of the prevention of diabetic foot. On the basis of strictly controlling blood sugar and correcting bad metabolic state, pay attention to foot health and avoid foot trauma can effectively prevent the occurrence and development of diabetic foot.

Treat non-healing wounds caused by diabetes

Wounds care caused by diabetes

November 13, 2017 ANT MEDIC 0

Diabetes causes the blood circulation system lesions, the formation of diabetes constitution, wounds often appear difficult to heal wounds, we must do a good job of exudate and ulcer tissue clean up, control of blood sugar, so patients can recover faster.