Wounds care caused by diabetes

Diabetes is a vascular disease, we all know very well about it, causing the blood circulation system lesions, the formation of diabetes constitution, wounds often appear difficult to heal, in the course of treatment, we must do a good exudate Clean up and ulcer tissue clean up, control blood sugar, so that patients can recover faster.

Treat non-healing wounds caused by diabetes

Wound Type

The general non-healing of wounds caused by diabetes is divided into two types: the first is ulcer wounds, such as diabetic foot pressure ulcers (bedsores), the second is no ulcer wounds, simple wounds do not heal.

Treatment of ulcerative wounds

  • Debridence

Because diabetic constitutional wounds tend to form some ulcers, such as diabetic foot ulcers, it is important for ulcer tissue to be cleaned. Decontamination method: black scab cleanup: use cotton wool or gauze dipped in a lot of saline wet wounds black crust Department, and then covered with a layer of plastic wrap, wet soak soak for 40 to 50 minutes, then soaked, soaked with soft forceps Scissors to clean the scab of the wound to clean up the ulcer tissue cleanup: the wound is yellow and white and black ulcer tissue to continue to clean up the wound is more troublesome. If the wound is very shallow and flat, use iodophor to disinfect the wound, then tweezers with scissors to cut the ulcer tissue clean; if some depth, the formation of craters or holes, the hydrogen peroxide into the inside, and then soaked for 3 minutes, you can Oxidative decomposition of ulcer tissue into white mucus, and then use a cotton swab to moisten the white mucus, and then clean the wound with saline.

  • treatment

After the wounds are cleaned up, the wounds are wet-coated with cotton wool with a stick of sponge. The wounds are wet-coated for 30 to 40 minutes. After the wet compress, the wounds are removed and dipped in dry cotton wool to clean the exudates of the wounds.

No ulcer wounds

  • Before treatment

For simple wound non-healing, when dealing with the wound to use saline to do first wash.

  • treatment

Wash with cotton wool dipped mouth to wet the wound, wet compress 20 to 30 minutes, apply wet four times a day. After wet compress dry cotton wool clean.

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