Small wounds can also develop into skin cancer

Inadvertently cut by the knife knife, even after 6 years into a deadly skin cancer. Chen Chang-you, a Chinese-American cancer expert, is ultimately fatal because of skin cancer without the timely treatment of a wound in his hand. Little hidden danger in the end is not so big, is not all skin wounds can not be underestimated?Small wounds can also develop into skin cancer

Skin lesions develop to skin cancer is a rare case

In the clinic, the number of small wounds that can develop into skin cancer is indeed small, as is the case of Chen Chang-You, a cancer expert from the United States of America, which is really rare. Cuts themselves are not carcinogenic, carcinogenic due to chronic wounds caused by cuts.

Common small wounds on the skin, such as the mouth when cutting vegetables, sharp wounds caused by hard objects, as long as the attention to injury after cleaning anti-inflammatory, usually normal self-healing, will not develop into skin cancer.

Repeated purging bleeding wounds the most dangerous

However, the rare does not mean impossible, there are several kinds of skin wounds really need to be alert, especially repeatedly repellent pus, bleeding, long lasting wounds.

In these repeated ulcer skin wounds, the most carcinogenic risk, when the number of scars formed after the burn. The second leading cause of cancer risk is radiodermatitis, which is the inflammatory damage to the skin’s mucosa caused by radiation (mainly beta and gamma and x-rays). It occurs mainly in patients undergoing radiotherapy and in under-staffing radiological work.

Then there is the “melanoma”, a group of people with a family history of melanoma, people with a history of melanoma, foot-prone or perineal areas, and the like that have larger moles in the areas where the film and TV drama have been known in recent years, or black Mole suddenly increased, ulceration, color changes, etc., to pay special attention.

Often contact with seafood poultry wounds to be wary

Regular contact with seafood, if the formation of skin contact during the trauma, should pay attention to the recovery of the next wound, if not repeated, need attention. Because of marine products, there may be attached to marine mycobacteria, if the bacteria are infected, the wound will develop more serious repeated ulcer healing, the wound will only continue to swell without obvious pain.

In addition, poultry such as pigs can carry a bacterium called erysipelas, belonging to the genus Lactobacillus, and pigs and cattle, sheep, chickens, fish and shrimp can become carriers, veterinarians, livestock keepers, fish and fishery operators , Slaughter workers, cooks and housewives, etc. may be contaminated with hand-wound contact with contaminated fish, meat, or stab wounds such as fish spikes. After people are infected, similar to erysipelas can occur damage.

More dirty wounds to break the cold

More dirty wounds, such as wound contact with the soil, was nails with rust scratches, deeper wounds, the need to promptly break the cold needle control tetanus bacillus infection. Clostridium tetani is widely dispersed in the soil and in the stool it contains the bacteria. Simple tetanus spores into the wound and not enough to cause tetanus, you must have other bacteria, or foreign matter such as wood, glass and other debris simultaneously more prone to disease. So, a very dirty wound is a hotbed of tetanus bacilli that needs attention.

Abnormal wounds to be the most clear pathological examination

Having said that so many small wounds that can develop into serious diseases is sometimes difficult to judge for non-professionals, it is better to be a pathological examination in a hospital, which is the most obvious way to judge. In the skin to take a piece of skin mung bean size of the test can be drawn to the exact conclusion.

The public is advised to judge and handle “dangerous wounds” as soon as possible when they encounter skin wounds by mastering the necessary medical knowledge and scientific medical examination.

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