• Depression and nutrition treatment

    Depression and Nutritional Therapy

    Depression patients often have a tendency to commit suicide when their condition is severe. Lack of nutrition is associated with depression. This has been largely overlooked in past treatment.

  • The relationship between albumin and protein - human albumin structure

    The relationship between albumin and protein

    Albumin maintains the body’s osmotic pressure balance and body fluid balance, the function of the protein is to form the body cells and tissues, promote growth and development, participate in the body’s metabolism, the formation of antibodies, enhance immunity and supply heat.

  • How do venous valves work

    How do venous valves work?

    Blood is pumped out of the heart by the arteries, delivered throughout the body and back through the veins to the heart. Therefore, in an upright human body, venous blood can overcome the effect of gravity and return from the lower limbs to the upper heart, which requires relying on the venous valve.