Assisted reproductive technology is not harmful to newborn health

Danish researchers surveyed about 92,000 children in 4 countries in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden showed that babies born through assisted reproductive technology had the same health status as natural births, preterm birth, low birth weight, and no difference in the likelihood of stillbirth and premature death.

Assisted reproductive technology is not harmful to newborn health
Assisted reproductive technology is not harmful to newborn health

Assisted reproductive techniques include IVF and in vivo artificial insemination techniques. Researchers at the University of Copenhagen in Denmark reported in a new issue of the British “Human Reproduction” magazine that They surveyed 62,000 single births and nearly 30,000 twin births in the 4 countries, which were born from 1988 to 2007, through assisted reproductive technology, their data were compared with those of 362,000 single cell fetuses and 123,000 twins born in the same period.

“We found that the risk of preterm birth in babies over 20 years is becoming lower and lower, and the proportion of stillbirths and premature births is decreasing at birth,” said Henningsen, a specialist who leads the study.

The report notes that with the development of technology and the accumulation of experience, the level of professionalism in hospitals and clinics that are committed to infertility is increasing. Many factors make it healthier for newborns born through assisted reproductive technology.

In addition, hospitals in the Nordic countries tend to transplant only a successful embryo to the mother, which reduces the likelihood of multiple births and has a positive impact on the health of newborns.

Henningsen said that if multiple embryos were transplanted to the mother during an artificial insemination, even if only one baby was born, it would have a negative impact on the health of the newborn.

Requena, an expert at the Valencia Infertility Institute in Spain, said in a review of the study, “we can rest assured that assisted reproductive technology.” Children born through these techniques have no difference in deformity, preterm birth and low birth weight in children with natural childbirth.

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