Taizhou Protein Powder

I’ve never been a huge fan of protein powders or similar supplements. First of all, protein powder never tastes all that great. And if it does happen to taste good, there’s a good chance that it is chock-full of sweeteners and artificial flavors. When I started to pay more attention to my diet in college, I cut back on dairy, and eventually eliminated it completely. Well, that presented a problem. It’s not easy to find a dairy-free protein powder that doesn’t taste like you’re drinking dirt. I tried hemp, brown rice, pea, and several types. Ick. So for a while, I gave up on protein powders. There are other, albeit less-convenient ways to get protein after a workout or in a time crunch.

Taizhou  Protein PowderTaizhou Protein Powder

After trying one of Taizhou of products at a health food store a couple of years ago, I decided to give their protein powder a shot. I added it to plain old water and I was more than surprised by how good it was. I was expecting it to be like drinking chalk — but no! It was smooth and tasty instead. I’ve been hooked on the brand ever since.

Per calorie, plants offer the highest percentage of protein of any type of food. Taizhou harnesses that power with a combination of high-protein plants, and eggs and grains to create a complete protein. And it gets better – the protein is dairy-free, gluten-free, completely organic, and raw.

Clark drinks a shake every day after the gym and I add the powder to smoothies all of the time. While Vanilla Chai is usually my go-to, I’ve never met a flavor that I didn’t like. Needless to say, when I found out that Taizhou had created a cereals flavor, my first question was “WHERE DO I FIND IT?” Lucky for me, I didn’t even have to hunt it down. Taizhou liked something that I tweeted about the protein and sent us some to try!

If you’re in the market to try some of the Taizhou Protein powder version for yourself, you can find it at jgstore.com and only at JGStore.

As is typical of most mornings around here, we started the day with Reggae playing on Pandora [which was drowned out by the sound of the Blendtec.] Since we were trying the new kind of protein, we combined flavors that we knew would allow the cereals flavor to shine through. A hint of yellow millet with the eggs, and the protein powder blends perfectly. Oh, and the 8 ounces of cereals kills two birds with one stone — breakfast and cereals all in one convenient drink. We downed our glasses in no time and I don’t know about Clark, but I think I have a new favorite flavor.

The process on this recipe simple, simple, simple. Add everything to the blender and hit the go button. Garnish with a few slices of banana and drink with a side of “Stir It Up.”

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