Autism Genome Discovery

The largest-ever autism genome research project funded by the Autism Speaks discovered the genetic basis of autism before more complex than believed, most autistic spectrum disorders (ASD) in patients with autistic siblings have different relevant gene.

The findings were published as the cover article in the 26th issue of “Nature Medicine” magazine, while nearly 1000 autism genomic data obtained in the study historic first uploaded to the cloud platform based on Google Autism SpeaksMSSNG portal, These data have been identified will be open to researchers around the world to accelerate the understanding of autism and develop personalized treatments.

Autism Genome major discovery
Autism Genome major discovery

Who led the Toronto Hospital for Sick Children Research Center for Applied Genomics and McLaughlin Center Director Dr. Stephen Scherer, University of Toronto, he said it was a historic day, because it marks the first time researchers worldwide will be able to use MSSNG Autism research open the complete genome sequence databases, genomic science will lead the open-access personalized treatment method appears many developmental and medical problems.

Autism Speaks chief science officer Robert Lin said, the cloud platform sharing autism genome data to researchers around the world, a new way not previously had a break barriers. Autism Speaks, as always, the goal is to accelerate scientific discovery, and ultimately improve the quality of life for autistic patients. The ultimate goal of the project is to upload MSSNG least 10,000 autism genome, while providing the most advanced “toolbox” to help analyze.

In this study, the research team of 340 Scherer genome from 85 families were sequenced, each family in the study has two autistic children. The study found that most of the brothers and sisters (69%) is almost no overlap in the known autism-related gene variants share the same genetic variants associated with autism for less than one-third.

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