Google developed cancer autonomous detector detects cancer pain

Google is using synthetic skin and even skin detect a real high-tech – to proactively detect cancer cells in the human body strap.

California-based Google X laboratory in charge of research and development work, although research is still in early stage, but the basic vision has matured. • Dr. Andrew Conrad said: “Imagine you eat a grain of so-called tablets, pills, there are many called ‘nanoparticles’ small things’ nanoparticles’ very small, a red blood cell can hold 2000′ Nano. the particles’ surface with a marker, can be attached on top of the cancer cells. We let ‘nanoparticles’ flow in your body, looking for cancer cells. Then we use the wristbands with magnetic collect them at the wrist, it is substantially equal to ask them all I saw something. ”

Google developed cancer autonomous detector detects cancer pain
Google developed cancer autonomous detector detects cancer pain

Now, researchers with real skin and synthetic skin models made arms, assist research and development of this technology. “Nanoparticles” can emit a specific light, after the attachment of cancer cells is equivalent to its “light” and wristbands job is to identify these lights. Conrad acknowledged that there is indeed a real skin, and the skin of the main people have been informed before the donation.

Dr. Conrad said, in general, traditional medicine is a step by step formula of slow development, but Google X Lab want to make a leap of scientific achievements. Past medical relatively passive, to wait until the patient ill treatment, saying “my arm hurts,” when it went to diagnosis and treatment. Today, these “nano-particles” and wristbands want to change the passive situation, take the initiative to look for cancer cells before they occur. Conrad said: “I hope that this can be achieved only by a few years, but not decades now..”

Privacy issues have also been on the table. Some have questioned people letting these “nano-particles” walk around in the body, to monitor themselves, is not it strange? Conrad replied:. “Laissez-faire at any time try to kill cancer cells in your body was strange to walk around it.”

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