Five factors that are difficult to heal wounds

Five factors that are difficult to heal wounds

After traumatic wounds by normal treatment and more able to heal quickly, but clinically often see the wounds difficult to heal, which is more related to the following factors.

  • 1. Wound wound skin defect is too large Surgical common grade Ⅱ burns, neck, backfold incision and drainage of large flap necrosis, leg varicose veins caused by chronic leg ulcers and diabetic patients with soft tissue necrosis, etc. , If the skin defect is more than 5 cm above the conventional dressing is difficult to wound healing, and only the use of punctate skin grafting measures to promote wound healing.
  • 2. Wound infection Wound infection is the most common cause of wound healing, in addition to the general Staphylococcus aureus, Streptococcus, E. coli infection, there are still Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Mycobacterium tuberculosis and fungal infection may be. It is difficult to heal long-term wounds, to clean the wound, remove the necrotic tissue, and bacterial wounds bacterial culture, and then based on susceptibility testing, targeted local or systemic antibiotics to promote wound healing.
  • 3. There are foreign bodies in the wound body is sharp nail, sting, glass and other things after debridement (especially in the emergency bandage treatment) is likely to have small foreign body left in the wound. This foreign body was difficult to heal wounds, although after repeated dressing, but the wound red, swollen, no pain improvement, secretion is not reduced, such as timely removal of wound foreign body, coupled with antibiotic treatment, the wound can be very wound Heal quickly.
  • 4. Granulation edema repeated dressing change, especially irregular dressing change, it is easy to cause wound granulation edema. Edema of the granulation was pale or light red, secretions and more than the skin, so that wound healing. Cut off unhealthy granulation above the skin, then topical skin grafting with 33% magnesium sulfate (magnesium ions can dehydrate the granulation and promote skin cell regeneration), under normal circumstances, 2-4 days dressing 1, A month or so more wound healing.
  • 5. Systemic malnutrition With cancer, diabetes, tuberculosis and other chronic wasting disease, most of the body nutrition is poor, the body weak resistance, thus affecting the wound healing. In particular, chemotherapy, radiotherapy in patients with cancer, wound healing more difficult. For such patients in the local treatment of wounds on the basis of the whole body of nutritional support therapy to improve the body’s nutritional level and enhance the regeneration of tissue cells, so as to promote wound healing.

In addition, the wound hematoma, poor drainage, suture mouth bad combination of factors such as the skin, but also lead to wound healing difficult reasons. Therefore, for the delayed wound healing, it is necessary to correctly analyze the causes, a careful examination, and then targeted treatment in order to make it a speedy recovery.

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