Resveratrol in red wine has health benefits

A lot of people claiming to have been a friend at all to drink red wine is good reason to persuade the body under wine experience. Some of them say that drinking red wine can prevent cancer, and some added benefits for heart health. These benefits have been attributed to an ingredient in red wine called Resveratrol’s. But not everyone agrees that these allegations, some people believe that these statements are not based on.

Resveratrol (Res) are certain plants are oppressed, a substance secreted by injury and bacterial infections. The role of the most primitive material is to help plants survive in these harsh conditions. Later TCM started Res treating vascular and liver-related diseases. But that does not mean Res “universal” effect has been recognized, there is not enough test data, coupled with the way people work mechanism of Res unclear, and therefore beneficial to health Res remarks hardly convincing.

But Sajish Matthew and Paul Schimmel at Scripps Research Institute, the latest breakthrough in the current cognitive everyone Res. They found Res do have cancer and diabetes prevention, and promote heart health effect. They will be published in this new found “Nature” magazine, this discovery may open the door for Res play a role in the field of drug therapy.

Resveratrol in red wine has health benefits
Resveratrol in red wine has health benefits

Cells of our body is an integral unit, the cell proteins allows cells to move from one place to another. Before moving, a protein found in cells similar 3D structure of the protein, after its binding together to complete tasks such as metastatic cells similar.

Matthew and Schimmely a start of the study is not really Res, but tyrosyl-tRNA synthetase, is also a matter of stress. Res like three-dimensional structure and tyrosyl tRNA synthetase, can be combined to produce the reaction between them, and this reaction allows Res advantageously converted into wine stress substance to the body. Once the two reactive substances for some reason can not go on, it will lose a lot of wine on health help things. Therefore reaction tyrosyl tRNA synthetase and Res health effects of red wine is very important.

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