Let the wound heal quickly after breast cancer surgery

Let the wound heal quickly after breast cancer surgery
Let the wound heal quickly after breast cancer surgery

After breast cancer surgery, if the wound is very large, some patients will be more difficult to heal, let us learn from the following breast cancer surgery to let the wound heal quickly.

  1. After the operation of the wound healing is not good, preferably the timely treatment of dressing. In particular, surgical wounds after cancer should be dealt with promptly. Do not need to take medicine, go directly to the hospital outpatient dressing to change. Adequate nutrition, when necessary, to give albumin and other nutrients, help heal.
  2. Generally after three weeks or so, the blade can grow well. The reason why the wound is bad, may have the infection factor, the malnutrition factor, or accumulates the blood dead cavity influence heals, may carry on the investigation for these reasons. Generally speaking, should be fully drained, properly bandaged (pressurized) to prevent leakage.
  3. Surgery is only the removal of local tumors, cancer cells in the blood and lymph also exist, postoperative continued anti-tumor therapy is very necessary, can be combined with anti-tumor drugs, promote wound healing, improve body immunity, enhance physique, prevent recurrence and metastasis. Improve the quality of life.

The breast cancer patient’s diet must pay attention to the nutrition, moreover must carry on many kinds of collocation, the wound does not heal the patient most main problem is the nutrition barrier, improves the patient’s nutrition is the anti-cancer treatment the most important measure, is helpful to the disease.We recommend the Taizhou Protein Powder, Full Nutrition, High Protein, Low Sugar and Low Fat, Suitable for people with diabetes, Help improve the nutritional status of cancer and promote wound healing, can do meal replacement and stomach tube feeding.  Free Shipping To Worldwide!

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