Quickly add nutrition after surgery

Quickly supplement nutrition after surgery

Patients after surgery, the body to speed up metabolism, nutrition will speed up the loss, easy to make the body into a high metabolic state, so after surgery, nutritional supplements and body restoration has become the top priority.

Surgery will cut, cut, sew and other means in the human body surface, specific nutrition according to the different types of surgery, targeted development. The general principle of the food after surgery is balanced nutrition, light, digestible, high protein, comprehensive nutrition, etc., but also pay attention to patients with diabetes can not choose high-sugar foods.

If the conventional diet can not provide adequate nutritional support, you need to select the right nutritional powder, where care must be taken, not including the use of nutritional supplements containing lactose and trans fatty acids, depending on the nutrient content of carbohydrates and fat content. Recommended here: Taizhou® Natural Health And Full Nutrition Protein Powder, its main nutrients are whey protein and soy protein isolate, low sugar content and fat content, and nutritionally balanced, can be used as the preferred source of nutrition after surgery.

The choice of staple food: rice, glutinous rice, corn, purple rice, black rice and other nourishing rice, if the abdominal surgery, the doctor will recommend starting the day after surgery to eat liquid food, available Taizhou® Natural Health And Full Nutrition Protein Powder As a staple food on behalf of meals, can also be mixed with the staple food after eating.

Convalescence can also be used Taizhou® Protein Powder as a nutritional supplement, two cups a day can be adjusted.

Natural Health And Full Nutrition Protein Powder Soy Protein Isolates Egg Millet Coixseed Glutinous Rice for Weight Loss Gym Vegan and Wounds Healing

Taizhou® Protein Powder is the first choice of nutritional supplements for patients who need nutrition such as protein after surgery to accelerate wound healing. It is suitable for patients with diabetes, hypoalbuminemia and gastrointestinal disorders as well as people who lose weight by using protein diet , Vegetarian food as a meal.

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