Burns care method

Burns care method

Burns in the life is more common, if Burns inchoate did not handle the wound correctly, will cause later left big face scar. Below is the common sense of scald care:

  1. Washed with plenty of tap water immediately after being scalded, at least half an hour to reduce the amount of heat to stay in the wound time, and then to take off the clothes, clothing may be and scalded skin surface friction, do not use gravity pull clothes, so as not to tear the wound, when undressing, you can use scissors, Keep the rubbing lining in the wound. Then, the affected place is soaked in cold water, after covering, send medical first aid.
  2. Where the larger blisters and joints are prone to breakage, the nurse pulls out the blisters with an empty needle. Tetanus, disinfect wounds, and apply anti-inflammatory ointments. If the wound is not severe, it usually heals in two to 1-2 weeks, and if not, it usually leaves no scar. About two days to the hospital dressing once, with anti-inflammatory ointment can be.
  3. Never use gentian violet or mercuric chloride after scald, so as not to affect the change of the wound after observation.
  4. Diet: large area scald patients should take a small amount of meals on the diet, given high calorie, high protein, high vitamin and digestible food to enhance the body’s resistance and promote wound repair. We recommend the Taizhou Protein Powder, Full Nutrition, High Protein, Low Sugar and Low Fat, Suitable for people with diabetes, Help improve the nutritional status of cancer and promote wound healing, can do meal replacement and stomach tube feeding.  Free Shipping To Worldwide!

However, sometimes no matter what kind of care, or will form a different degree of scald scar, at this time, must be timely treatment, choose professional treatment institutions, to avoid improper treatment due to the scar of the skin tissue damage.

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