Psycho killer and leader: Similar personality different fate

2005, Belinda Board and the University of Surrey Katarina Fritzon conducted a survey, trying to understand exactly what factors make extraordinary business leaders. They wanted to find out, when someone decided to check first class or economy class to sit the key elements of what personality.

Belinda Board and Katarina Fritzon studied three groups – business executives, the mentally ill and hospitalized criminals (including psychopaths and other mental disorders in patients), and compare their performance in an interview with the psychological analysis of the test.

Their analysis revealed that many elements of psychosis, such as charming, self-centered, extraordinary persuasive, lack of compassion, independence, focus, etc. In fact, business executives who are more common than in the body of psychological disorders prisoners. The main difference between the two groups is that those “anti-social” elements of a psychopath, with the analogy that we mentioned earlier, for a criminal, the characteristics of the knobs on behalf of lawlessness, violence, impulsivity is adjusted to a higher position.

Other studies seem to confirm this, “Mixer” theory: boundary functioning type psychopath and dysfunction between psychopathic type with psychopathic traits whether unite itself has nothing to do with the extent to which these qualities and their mutual mix and match the way. Sydney’s Macquarie University, Mehmet Mahmut and his colleagues recently demonstrated that the type of crime and non-crime psychopath type psychopath these two types of people who have observed patterns of brain dysfunction (ie, the people responsible for the regulation of emotional decision-making input the prefrontal cortex function mode), the difference between them is only different amounts, and there is no essential difference. Mehmet Mahmut believes that this discovery means that these two groups of people should not be treated as distinct types of groups, but as different categories under the same category.

I did a study of a similar but much simpler. I asked a class of freshman students to imagine themselves in the Job Manager, and the students said, “ruthless, fearless, ignoring the moral, charming and focused, assume you have a customer these character traits do you think he is fit to do what kind of work? ”

Students insightful answers, there are criminals among the elite, including CEO, spyware, surgeons, politicians, soldiers, and even serial killers, assassins, bank robbers and the like.

“Intelligence is just to help you get on one of the magic number two,” a successful career in the CEO told me, “Remember, people more successful than a hard row to hoe is justified. The road leading to the peak very difficult. If you become adept at using him, whereas the climb to the summit will be easier. If it is determined that all valuable, then climb up even easier. ”

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