Psycho killer and leader: Similar personality different fate

Psychopaths can give us many valuable insights, they are certain qualities in the personality and intelligence are often winners essential quality.

Psycho killer generally have the following characteristics: a sense of over-inflated self-worth, extraordinary persuasive, charming appearance, ruthless, never self-blame, and so good at manipulating others. These qualities are often some of the prominent politicians and leaders have in common. People with such qualities, when acting often do whatever they want, and in total disregard of the social, ethical and legal consequences of acts may bring.

If you happen to be born in a lucky sign, as the moon has the same ability to control the tides rise and fall, you can manipulate the will of others, you may be ordered to slaughter 100,000 Kurds (a race in Western Asia), the implementation of genocide. And when you calmly towards the gallows, those who most strongly criticized your heart will be a strange, perverse awe.

Psycho killer and leader: Similar personality different fate
Psycho killer and leader: Similar personality different fate

“Do not be afraid, doctor,” Saddam Hussein sentenced to death on the gallows, “we are men.”

If you are violent and cunning, as the reality version of “cannibal Hannibal” Robert Maudsley (British, who allegedly because of the murder sentence in prison again Liansha three, and man-eating brains), you might lure a friend into your room, crushing his skull, then use a spoon to scoop out his brains to taste, if you are calm and relaxed tasting a tender cooked egg (by the way, over the past 30 years Maudslay has been in solitary confinement in a bulletproof cage England Wakefield prison basement).

Or, you are a good neurosurgeon, to remain calm under great pressure to focus, then congratulations, you and Dr. Geraghty following the same, you can display their talent in a completely different field. Stood in the forefront of 21st century medicine, like living eye of the storm, like a huge pressure, danger, too hard to maintain calm. “I underwent surgery for patients not beget any feelings,” Geraghty said to me, “To me, love is a pleasure not afford the luxury. I was on the operating table of a different person, has become a Department of indifference machine with a scalpel, drill, saw, etc. fully integrated. when your hands scalpel, walk in between the brain and the nervous slim when emotional only a disservice. affection is like entropy, for career is definitely harmful. Over the years I’ve put it off completely expelled.

Dr. Geraghty is one of Britain’s most distinguished neurosurgeon. Although his words made us feel back cold, but on another level it is fully justified. And with these outstanding people very close to a psychopath, is often seen as eccentric cruel cannibal demons, like being alone, physically attractive, extremely dangerous. I heard the word psychopath, our mind will emerge out of serial killers, rapists and terrorists lurking madness image immediately.

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