Psycho killer and leader: Similar personality different fate

Ideas for a bar. If I tell you, that arsonists burned your house, and on another occasion could be transformed into a hero, bravely rushed into the burning, the house is about to collapse, search and rescue your loved ones, you think? And that arms Chuaizhao knife, hiding in a dark corner in the back watching cinema chance punks, after a number of years is not also possible in a completely different situation entirely different playing another knife to it?

It is difficult to accept such a statement, but the thing is true. Psychopath with a fearless, confident, charismatic, ruthless, focused and other characteristics. Contrary to the view of the general public, not necessarily violent psychopath. One can not distinguish the psychopath – a person either has a mental illness, or is normal – the actual situation is not so simple, but as the charge on the subway map sections as there within the area, and so different from outside the area situation. Psychopathic level, you can use a continuous “mental disease spectrum” to represent everyone’s mental state corresponds to a point on the spectrum, only a handful of characters belong to this particular population.

We can imagine the various characteristics of a psychopath mixing console knob. If you put all the knobs are open to the maximum, then the resulting sound is of no use to anyone. But if each channel has different degrees of change, some elements (such as fearless, focused, cold, perseverance, etc.) adjusted higher than the other ingredients, then it is likely to create a superior ability of the surgeon.

Of course, surgery is only one stage psychopath “genius” who demonstrate the advantages, but also some other occasions. In 2009, I decided to do some research to find out if you really are better at psychopath flaws (as some previous studies have revealed that), what will be useful. You can certainly find some way to prove, not only evil psychopath, you can also benefit society. But how to research it?

Once, I saw a friend at the airport when he suddenly came about inspiration. I think when people go through customs is always a bit suspicious, nervous, even when there is no ghost completely mind as well. But imagine what would feel if we really conceal something when? And if someone customs security officials particularly astute, one can see our nervousness what will happen?

In order to ascertain the truth, I decided to do an experiment. A total of 30 college students participated in the experiment, half of them psychopath index is high, the other half are lower. In addition, I also found five people to do the “partner.” Students need to do is very simple, just sitting in a classroom, looking at these partner came from a door, through a period of elevated platform from another door after the time out of action. However, they have a mission – to be seen which of these five individuals in a “Matrimony” – possession of a red handkerchief.

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