New method of hair regeneration

Many middle-aged men are suffering from hair loss problems, but a new study may be able to solve this problem – the Spanish National Cancer Research Center scientists recently on “American Public Library of Science Biology,” the magazine wrote that the first time they found that macrophage activation has also responsible for the skin’s regenerative capacity of stem cells and induce hair growth, new research may help scientists find new treatments for the treatment of hair loss and baldness.

Macrophages are cells from the immune system, responsible for phagocytosis of invading pathogens. In life, the regenerative capacity of stem cells can be supplemented for the skin, but different factors may reduce their renewable, or promote their uncontrolled growth. When this process is wrong, it will lead to aging and disease, including skin cancer. Therefore, macrophages can activate skin stem cells in addition to the discovery and development of new therapies for hair loss, but perhaps also with tissue regeneration, anti-aging and cancer-related research.

New method of hair regeneration
New method of hair regeneration
The study’s leader, BBVA Foundation -CNIO epithelial cell biology of cancer biology research project group Mina Pirui Zi – When Moreno told the British “Daily Telegraph” interview, said: “Before we all think, the main role of macrophages is to fight infection, wound repair, but I did not expect, it can activate the growth of hair follicle stem cells in the skin of non-inflammatory, and it was a pleasant surprise. ”

Mina during another research project, accidentally received this discovery. During the study, when Mina let mice taking anti-inflammatory drugs, she found that these mice re-grow hair. Mina believes association between stem cells and immune cells may help explain this phenomenon, so they began to test the role of the body’s defense system related to different types of cells in the hair growth process.

After an investigation, they found that when skin cells in a dormant state, due to a process called apoptosis, part of the macrophages die, but surprisingly, this would be dying and living macrophages secrete some factors, which in turn stimulate the stem cells, and, hair began to grow again.

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