Japan passenger jet engine test conducted

Headquartered in Nagoya, Aichi, Japan’s Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation MRJ aircraft engine of domestic conducted its first trial run, and achieved the desired results.

It is reported that the development of this Mitsubishi MRJ, Japan’s first domestic jet airliner, for the twin-engine regional jet, carrying up to 70-90 people, mainly the implementation of the short-range passenger.

The aircraft uses a Pratt & Whitney Canada’s GTF engine. MRJ still metal aircraft, its structure will be only 28% of carbon fiber, glass fiber 1%, most of the aluminum (58%) the structure of the system, the balance being titanium (9%) and steel (4%) structure. Aircraft wing and tail are mainly carbon fiber, aluminum body structure.

Japan passenger jet engine test conducted
Japan passenger jet engine test conducted

It is understood that the first number of a test prototype on October 18, 2014 off the assembly line, the same year on December 25, Mitsubishi Aircraft Company has just completed the main wing of strength seized evidence, is expected this year from April to June period of the flight test.

Japan in the 1960s has been developed and manufactured YS-11 propeller aircraft type for civil aviation and the SDF. The aircraft discontinued in 1973, total production of more than 180 aircraft, has been completely withdrawn from the civil aviation market. Since then, Japan has not developed further manufacturing medium-sized civil aircraft.

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