Cargo ship ballast water cleaning experiments

The early 1990s, a cholera caused thousands of deaths in Latin America. This new strain from Asia, experts suspect that cargo ships accidentally mixed in ships’ ballast water is brought to the local pathogens. In order to prevent such accidents from happening again, and the spread of invasive species, many countries have begun to require ships next year its ballast water treatment. The installation of these treatment systems may have to spend $ 70 billion the maritime industry.

Now, two scientists have criticized for clean technology-related experiments prove, said that these techniques can not ensure that kills disease-causing bacteria. “We studied the testing and verification system, in almost all cases are meaningless.” Invasive species consultant, American marine biologist Andrew Cohen said.

Cargo ship ballast water cleaning experiments
Cargo ship ballast water cleaning experiments
But help detect ballast water treatment system northeastern United States – Western Institute of Allegra Cangelosi not agree to the criticism. She said that these tests can detect the levels of harmful bacteria, and can suggest the effectiveness of technology to kill harmful bacteria. Meanwhile, the International Maritime Organization (IMO) also review its guidelines for these tests.

In 2010, Cohen began to experiment on bacteria of interest, when he participated in the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) ballast water technology advisory group. The processing system using a variety of methods to kill the “stowaway” including filtration and ultraviolet water to kill bacteria. According to IMO guidelines issued in 2008, laboratory evaluation of these treatment systems, but in order to be installed on board processing system must be able to remove enough of phytoplankton, zooplankton, and three kinds of bacteria harmful to human health, including cholera. So far, about 50 kinds of testers processing systems issued license.

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