Laser technology will become super ordinary metal material

US researchers at the University of Rochester in New York by bombardment with femtosecond laser pulses of common metal, developed a new type of surface material, which can effectively absorb solar energy, water purification and self.

This versatile material is used to make high durability and low maintenance of solar collectors and solar sensors. January 20, published by the American Institute of Physics’ Journal of Applied Physics “published this achievement.

“This is the first use of a laser to create a versatile metal surface material, which has a super-hydrophobic (water), self-purification and high absorption of multiple functions.” University of Rochester School of optical physicist Guo Chunlei said. Guo Chunlei with colleagues Anatoliy Vorobyev jointly developed the new material.

Laser technology will become super ordinary metal material
Laser technology will become super ordinary metal material

The researchers used a duration of the order of a second 1000000000000000 ultrashort femtosecond pulses bombardment platinum, titanium, copper three samples to obtain this new type of surface material. “In the short bombardment, the peak energy of the laser pulse energy is equivalent to the sum of the entire North American power grid.” 郭春雷 said.

These super laser pulses in a large number of fine lines etched metal surfaces, densely distributed on these lines and rugged nanostructures so formed. Microstructure fundamentally change the optical properties and wetting properties of these three kinds of metal surface will usually reflective metal surface transformed into high light absorption surface, making them waterproof properties.

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