High levels PM2.5 at indoor air quality

Dr. Wan also believes that public places should be established standardized testing of indoor air pollution, and then use this specification to measure PM2.5 air is exceeded.

Interior also need to stay away from haze present, not only our country there is no standard of indoor air levels of PM2.5, the world is no uniform standard. “World Health Organization does not make this request, each region is to develop appropriate specifications according to their needs.” Dr. Wan said, “but, regardless of indoor and outdoor, should be based on human health criteria for the guidelines.” “Just newly renovated house, there are likely to formaldehyde. So we want to maintain good indoor ventilation to allow air flow, remove contaminants. “Dr. Wan said,” but under severe outdoor pollution, it is best not to open the window ventilation, can filtered air through the air purifier. ”

For relatively closed space underground, Paris Respiratory Medicine doctors Anocheka accept the “Science News” reporter, said that people can wear a mask. In fact, do not have to use a professional anti-fog and haze masks, “Our doctors wearing masks anti-fog and haze can also play a role, but the best one thirty-four hours to be replaced.” “In addition, it is best to reduce smoking indoors, first, because air circulation, easy to bring pollution around other people, and second, a cigarette for the human body injury, the equivalent of severe haze in outdoor weather for a day. “

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