Metro Air Pollution Protection

1. Experts recommend wearing masks, passengers can be more prepared a few masks for replacement use.

2. Wash your hands every time you want to end up Metro subway finished washing hands, and time can not wash their hands with water only, soap, hand sanitizer or disinfectant. To pay special attention to the gap fingers, nails and other places ditch when washing hands. Many are hand gastrointestinal diseases mediated infection. Especially in the subway, take the money to buy tickets, escalator handrails or grab handles inside when they are likely to come into contact with E. coli bacteria.

3. Transfer the anxiety out of the dark subway, unlike road transport can enjoy the scenery. Coupled with overcrowded, poor ventilation, over time, it will inevitably give rise to anxiety. At this point, you can read a book, read the newspaper, watch Metro TV, etc., to divert attention, reduce anxiety.

Metro Air Pollution Protection
Metro Air Pollution Protection

4. Try not to take the subway wearing headphones some people like to wear headphones to listen to music, in fact, doing so may damage your hearing. Because when the subway is running loud, plus noise around these voices beyond the normal environmental sounds. In this environment, people will unwittingly increase the volume of the headset. And for a long time, high volume use in-ear headphones to listen to music is likely to affect hearing, so the hearing loss are common occurrences. Especially young people, children should pay attention to their ear bone development is not perfect, are more susceptible.

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