High levels PM2.5 at indoor air quality

Duct ventilation systems are cleaned regularly every year in spite of, but a huge workload, are likely to cause the cleaning work to make loose dirt, causing pollution is more serious. more importantly, when we evaluate the subway pollution, whether in accordance with the outdoor air standards? ” but also need to regulate the air can detect where in the subway on behalf of PM2.5 content inside subway elsewhere, too, how long monitored once, what items need inspection, monitoring time, location, etc., relevant government departments should be released. indoor air PM2.5 standard free now each regional environmental monitoring data will be released every day, people are just a little concerned about, you can know the day of outdoor air quality situation. “But indoor air quality and no inspection system.”

More importantly, the environment contains different types of indoor space, such as cinemas, subway, meeting rooms, supermarkets and other underground, and their architectural design, ventilation each not the same as “cinema has a different video hall, a few hours it will start a new movie every other, when the relative concentration of screening personnel; meeting room is relatively fixed personnel; subway is crowded, staff is relatively non-peak periods less, while the peak of the flow of people-intensive. “But no standards for different types of environments.” Dr. Wan said.

Therefore, each relatively closed space according to their own situation, the ventilation system installed. “Like underground supermarket, because traffic is stable, often using a fixed ventilation air conditioning systems and some supermarkets may be ventilated in accordance with the number of traffic while the metro is open space, traffic change at any time, the departure of a few can also become, which resulted in piston Wind will also change, so will generally adjust ventilation and air conditioning system operating mode based on the temperature and carbon dioxide concentrations inside the subway. “Professor Luo Bote said,” the Corporation generally provide the carbon dioxide concentration does not exceed 0.15%, while the temperature is control according to the season, winter, Metro can not exceed 22 ° C in the summer you can not more than 28 or 29 degrees Celsius. “Although regulating temperature and CO2 concentration, can make human comfort, indoor air quality, but people’s attention remains focused on formaldehyde, benzene and other pollutants. “China did not have much to launch PM2.5 content specification for the subway.” Professor Luo Bote said, “If there are norms, then we can consider this factor in the design of the subway, the subway can also retrofit existing air purification system. ”

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