First test Ebola vaccine effective in Africa

British medical journal “The Lancet” the report said, the early clinical results of experimenting with an Ebola vaccine in Africa’s “encouraging”, and confirmed the safety of the vaccine is capable of eliciting an immune response. However, its effects and the duration of immunity remains to be verified.

US National Institutes of Health National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, said the researchers, earlier this year, they developed the vaccine in the United States through the human testing, the results show the vaccine safe and can produce a certain immunity. In the early clinical trials in Africa, the latest completed, they cooperate with Uganda Makerere University researchers, to 108 18-50-year-old native of the vaccine or a placebo injection. The results showed that the vaccine in a subject are all triggered immune response, and no serious side effects.

However, receiving 4 weeks after the third injection, only 57% of subjects can produce antibodies against Ebola virus. 11 months after vaccination, all subjects in vivo have not detected such antibodies. This indicates that the vaccine-induced immune response may not be strong enough persistence, but it remains to be tested.

First test Ebola vaccine effective in Africa
First test Ebola vaccine effective in Africa

Who led the National Institutes of Health study researcher Julie Ledger Wood said that this is the ability to test the results of a new vaccine for the first time demonstrated the safety and trigger an immune response in the African region, “encouraging” because the outbreak the hardest hit in Africa, people in the affected areas still lack an effective vaccine protection.

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