Fat burning calories to help lose weight

There are good and bad fats, recently scientists have tried to control the brain to the body’s fat into help lose weight good fat.

If you often concerned about obesity in terms of news, you may have heard there is a type of energy called brown fat in fat. Scientists believe that this fat may help to resolve the current epidemic of obesity in this growing social problem. Yale School of Medicine researchers have tried to control the brain to the body storage type white fat into energy type of brown fat, they leave the goal a step closer.

Fat burning calories to help lose weight
Fat burning calories to help lose weight

Adipose tissue consists of two fat composition: brown fat and white fat. white fat to store energy in the form of triglycerides, and brown fat to release energy in the form of heat. White body excess fat, then it will lead to human obesity, but brown fat will prevent the occurrence of obesity. Newborn babies have to keep the body temperature of brown fat, but fat with age, these will gradually decrease. But the researchers found that white fat can be transformed into brown fat, which means that people can regain this “good” fat to help them burn calories and achieve weight loss goals. Yale University School of Medicine researchers found that mice had a molecular processes in the brain to control the white fat to brown fat transformation. In early October they have these new findings, published in the journal “Cell” on.

According to the person in charge of the study Dr. Hadden introduced hypothalamus hunger signal used to transmit energy loss and reduce systemic AgRP neurons are also involved in these molecular processes. Fasting makes AgRP neurons are active, the process turns brown fat is suppressed. Conversely, if you can control the AgRP neurons in the inactive state, is able to accelerate fat “brown” and the little mouse will be able to withstand the diet-induced obesity and insulin resistance.

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