Japan launched power-assisted clothing

A machinery factory in Japan in 2016 will be the fastest on sale in Japan and other auxiliary transport crops mechanical wear heavy items – power-assisted clothing.

Recently, the machinery factory in the city of Kyoto disclose this power-assisted costume test products. The product can easily lift the entire basket of vegetables and fruits by an electric motor, reduce the burden on the waist and legs. In addition to the agricultural sector, the product is also envisaged to be shipped to other factories and warehouses.

It is reported that, after the power-assisted wearing clothing, you can use its power from both arms hanging wire hook and carry items. Auxiliary clothing can support the formation of the legs and waist, to reduce the burden on the people when the motor rolled steel produced. The firm plans to sell before the auxiliary clothing to 8 kg weight loss. The current price has not been determined.

Japan launched power-assisted clothing
Japan launched power-assisted clothing
In 2013 the firm was sold to reduce the time pruning fruit trees and pick fruit for agricultural aid burden wrist clothing, priced at 129,600 yen. Planting fruit trees in the farm 90 units in total sales. The launch of the auxiliary clothing is the latest of the series.

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