Fish feeling water enigma

There is a fish can detect flow sensing. Recently, a research team through simulations reveal how this sixth sense to play a role. This finding helps to uncover a long-standing mystery: how on aquatic organisms respond to their environment. Related papers published in the recent issue of “Physical Review Letters” on. Paper explains how the evolution of the sensing system is consistent with the laws of physics, but also provides a framework for how to construct a sensor network.

Fish can be made according to changes in the environment surrounding the water reaction, avoid obstacles, whirling vortex whirlpool or swim between the reduction in labor-intensive, in case you do not see the target prey, tracking prey to swim across the water caused by changes such as .

Fish feeling water enigma
Fish feeling water enigma

According to physicist organizational networks recently reported, in order to explore how to use water fish is the information, the research team to focus on the fish “lateral line” on the side of the line is a system composed by the sensory organs, and can detect the movement of water and its surroundings vibration, feel pipeline lateral line of communication with the environment through a series of small holes.

In particular, they studied the distribution of the location of these pipelines along the body, which helps to explain the position of the fish’s sixth sense is how to play a role. For example, the density of blind cave fish from the pipe head of view, is very suitable for the detection of obstacles.

To test this theory, the researchers created a rainbow of plastic models, and copy the pipeline location of fish, but also the installation of the lighting marker used to detect the speed of the water flow around. They put the fish on artificial model replica of real aquatic environment, conducted a series of tests, including changes in water pressure caused by changes in water flow, or imitation “prey” appears, in order to check the pipe where water pressure changes in relevance strongest.

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