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Taizhou Protein Powder

December 20, 2019 ANT MEDIC 0

Taizhou harnesses that power with a combination of high-protein plants, and eggs and grains to create a complete protein. And it gets better – the protein is dairy-free, gluten-free, completely organic, and raw.

Black widow spider bite after person can't pee

Black widow spider bite after person can’t pee

January 8, 2019 ANT MEDIC 0

The man also told doctors about the spider bite, but after carefully examining his skin, they found no evidence of a bite or rash. However, despite the lack of a mark, doctors suspect the man was bitten by a northern black widow spider, a species found in southern Ontario.

The worrying 2018 food epidemic

January 7, 2019 ANT MEDIC 0

Improved detection One of the technological advances leading to improved detection of foodborne disease outbreaks is the ability to sequence the entire genome of microorganisms that cause disease.

Effect of Hyperglycemia on Wound Healing

Effect of Hyperglycemia on Wound Healing

March 24, 2018 ANT MEDIC 0

Hyperglycemia can affect the process of wound healing in diabetic patients. In diabetic patients with poor glycemic control, their platelets tend to coagulate, and the use of insulin can reduce platelet aggregation…