319 million barrels of oil leaking Gulf of Mexico

In an earlier hearing in, Barbier heard the views of six experts, who presented the results of different calculations, from 240 million barrels to 600 million barrels. “BP and the US Government has proposed a theory of how the leak rate varies leakage process varies conflicting.” Barbier said, “is a lot of evidence, dense, high-quality and contradictory. The two sides can effectively attack other conclusion. ”

BP and the government agree that people use siphon device to capture the 81 million barrels of oil into the sea in order to avoid them. But prosecutors agreed to 500 million barrels of oil pouring from the damaged pipeline, but BP has insisted that only 326 million barrels. Ultimately, Barbier ruled that there were 400 million barrels of crude oil gushed, while 319 million barrels in the Gulf of Mexico 86 days of the accident.

The judge also determined that, BP oil spill in its treatment programs, “there is no gross negligence, reckless, arbitrary or excessive”, which means that the company will not be subject to additional penalties punitive damages. The company faces a maximum penalty amount of $ 4,300 per barrel oil spill fines “Clean Water Act” provisions, because of its behavior “gross negligence.” However, BP’s Geoff Morrell said in a statement that the court also need to consider other factors, including mitigation measures, economic impact and severity of the punishment those violations.

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