British physicist grasp the schrodinger cat

In seeking to develop a new generation of computers and innovative ability to solve many problems, the British physicist at the University of Sussex based on the use of new technologies Trapped Ions and microwave radiation, the ability to create and complete control of a Schrodinger cat state of the ion, which an achievement beyond the basic science, will achieve the creation of large-scale quantum computers an important step in the microwave. The research is published in the latest issue of “Physical Review A”.

Quantum mechanics strange and mysterious nature is often described by a famous experiment, known as Schrodinger cat, this is a thought experiment Austrian physicist Erwin Schrödinger proposed in 1935. Through this experiment, Schrodinger pointed Copenhagen interpretation of quantum mechanics in the macroscopic objects cause serious problems and contradictions between this problem and the physical sense.

British physicist grasp the schrodinger cat
British physicist grasp the schrodinger cat

In this experiment, due to the random nature of the incident occurred previously, the cat will be in superposition state survival and death. According to the decoherence theory, cats can not always be in such a superposition state, due to the influence of the environment, will soon produce decoherence cats in existence or status change and death, therefore, in general, can not be observed absolute survival and death of superposition states. So far, physicists can only carefully prepared some mesoscopic superposition state of the object.

According to physicist organizational networks reported on January 20, a new study based trapped ions (electrically charged atoms) and new technology of microwave radiation to try to create a special type of Schrodinger cat, can be the same as the original Schrodinger cat, by creating “quantum entanglement” Let these ions exist two states simultaneously. Based on “quantum physics” theory, trapped ion will lead to build a new computer, can solve some problems faster than ever before.

Quantum entanglement is to allow future quantum computers primary method of information transfer and perform error correction, and microwave technology, which send and receive signals transmitted from the cell phone technology is mature semiconductor technology. Typically, quantum entanglement need larger, more expensive laser-driven, and, in order to be able to encode the desired ion with a lot of useful data, millions of dollars have to be consistent and stable beams. And instead of using microwave radiation quantum laser operation of all, will make it easier to build a quantum computer, just like a standard microwave in the kitchen, a large area of the radiation is easy to spread.

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