Regular exercise makes younger

A recent study on the effects of exercise on aging suggests that, from a physiological point of view, older people who move frequently are closer to young people, and age geometry depends to a large extent on themselves.

Regular exercise makes younger
Regular exercise makes younger

People have always thought that with the passage of time, physical decline is inevitable, but this new discovery shows that those views may be a lot of correct, people age geometry depends largely on their own.

In a new study published in The Journal of Physiology this week, scientists at King’s College London and the University of Birmingham chose healthy elderly people who adhere to a large number of sports as subjects.

In order to achieve this goal, scientists recruited between the ages of 55 to 79 years old, and often riding a bike of 85 men and 41 women.

The analysis shows that the impact of age on cyclist is not obvious. From almost all the indicators can be seen, for decades, their physiological function to maintain a fairly stable. In this respect, the gap between them and their peers is far greater than the gap between them and the young. For the whole group, even the balance of the oldest cyclist, the reflection, the metabolic health and the memory are at the young level.

The result of their “timed walking” test is a model. Dr. Harry points out that many older people need at least 7 seconds to complete the task, if you need 9 seconds or 10 seconds, that their system is weak. But in the study, even the oldest cyclist averaged only five seconds to complete the task, “the ability to be a healthy young adult’s ability,” the authors write.

However, the study also proved that some aspects of aging are indeed inevitable. The older bikes have less muscle strength and muscle mass than those in their 50s and 60s, and their overall aerobic capacity is also significantly reduced. Dr. Harry said: even if the physical exercise, age is indeed to a certain extent, reduce people’s endurance and strength.

But even so, these two indicators of the oldest cyclist in the study were also higher than the average of the population aged 70 or over.

All in all, the data show that the degree of aging is quite different among people who regularly carry out sports.

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