Norway solar energy house, energy power 23,200 kwh / year

Norway’s “zero-emission buildings Research Center” and Sineiheta Architects jointly launched a new solar house will make you feel more beautiful.

Roof covering 150 square meters of solar panels to the horizontal 19 degree angle toward the southeast, to ensure the full absorption of sunlight, coupled with solar water heaters, this suite can generate electricity 23,200 kwh a year, while the house itself is a year of electricity 7272 kwh, which already includes a swimming pool and sauna heating electricity. Extra battery can provide an electric car.

In addition to generating powerful, the house there are specially designed to enhance windows and patio lighting, rainwater harvesting equipment to provide irrigation water and toilets, each room is equipped with a sensor to determine if you need to start lighting and heating.

Norway solar energy house
Norway solar energy house

The solar house is also built with a recycled wood outdoor dining area, and a small vegetable garden, so that the residents can enjoy both reduce spending pastoral music.

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