No one will die of cancer before 2050

University of London, a large study that because human beings on the prevention and treatment of cancer continue to progress, by 2050, people under the age of 80, almost no one will die of cancer.

Experts say that a daily low dose of aspirin is the single most effective action to avoid the risk of cancer.

Leading the disease prevention and control tasks Dr. Jack Cuzick GPs urged to do more work to ensure that the recommendations given to the patient, that is, between 50 and 65 years old, taking “baby aspirin dosage” for 10 years.

He said studies show that such action would be in 15 years, reducing the risk of cancer, heart attack and stroke, the chances of 7-9 percentage points; in 20 years, reducing the chance of death by 4 percentage points.

No one will die of cancer before 2050
No one will die of cancer before 2050

The new study shows that under current trends, by 2050, the cancer almost 80 years of age will not seize any person’s life.

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