Malnutrition in infants will promote mental illness

Malnutrition in infants will promote mental illness

Mental to patients with the very serious harm, the need for timely treatment. In recent years, experts have found that the occurrence of mental and nutrition have a great relationship, usually refers to the nutritional problems of infancy, it will place the hidden dangers of mental illness. Here we come to understand in detail: Malnutrition will lead to mental illness.

In Shanghai, a report said that during the natural disaster of newborns in adulthood, the incidence of schizophrenia may be several times the average person. This result coincides with the previous foreign experts’ research on the 1944-1945 Great Famine in Holland.

Although our culture differs greatly from some external countries, there are similarities in the findings of mental illness. This suggests that the correlation between fetal malnutrition and schizophrenia may be universally applicable. Of course, the pressure of survival due to famine is also a factor that can not be ignored.

Malnutrition and mental illness and how much the relationship between the development, experts still not sure. Shanghai Jiaotong University Bio-X Research Center was reorganized and condensed in 2005 by the NHGG (Neuropsychiatric and Human Genetics Group) and the Bio-X Life Science Research Base established in 2000. The Dr. WingYong Shi said the center is currently working with relevant agencies to try to extract a variety of nutrients in mice body, which all-round, multi-angle observation of malnutrition in pregnant rats and pupils behavior abnormalities.

Experts stress that inheritance remains the dominant factor in most mental illnesses and that nutrition issues are likely to play a similar role as “catalysts.” Dr. Casper, director of the Department of Psychiatry at Stanford University School of Medicine in the United States, also resembles this. In her meeting report, she pointed out in the meeting that in the United States, about 7% -12% of premature infants (born earlier than 29 weeks old) developed hyperactivity, inattention or depression, and those with low birth weight developed depression after adulthood Symptoms and suicide rates are significantly higher than normal.

The above is about malnutrition will lead to the introduction of mental illness, I believe we already have a certain understanding and understanding, I hope young mothers can value the nutrition of infancy, from an early age to do a good job in disease prevention. If you have any questions, then enter the following advice under the expert advice.

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