UK found that pertussis bacilli rapid evolution

A recent British study found that cause pertussis whooping cough fast speed of evolution, which may be one in the world in recent years, the rapid spread of infectious diseases such reasons. But experts stressed that the existing vaccine can still provide effective protection for infants and young children and other vulnerable groups, timely vaccination is necessary.

Pertussis are acute respiratory infections, early onset of symptoms similar to flu. Can occur in patients coughing up more than two months, infants most susceptible to infection. British health department data show that in 2012 the number of confirmed cases of pertussis Britain nearly 10 times the previous year, the global number of infections also appeared upward momentum.

University of Bath researchers and other institutions in the United States, “Journal of Infectious Diseases,” a new monthly reports said they pertussis isolates collected in the United Kingdom in 2012 were studied, analyzed the genes encoding surface proteins, are this vaccine is through identifying proteins that trigger the body’s immune response, allowing the body to attack germs.

UK found that pertussis bacilli rapid evolution
UK found that pertussis bacilli rapid evolution

The study found that the rate of evolution of this target protein very rapidly, the bacteria cause more “escape” the immune system to recognize and attack.

The researchers said that the bacteria is likely to lead to faster evolution of new epidemic outbreaks, for which it is necessary to make adjustments and improve on existing vaccines. They also pointed out that this study does not mean that the current vaccine has failed, especially for pregnant women and children and other vulnerable populations timely vaccination is still necessary.

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