Troy Bradley and Leonid Tiukhtyaev take helium balloons across the Pacific Ocean

Two pilots from the United States and Russia took helium balloons from Japan, which lasted nearly a week to fly over the Pacific and landed safely on the coast of Mexico on the 31st. This broke the balloon manned flight the longest time and the longest two world records.

According to the Associated Press, US pilots Troy Bradley and Russian partner Leonid Tiukhtyaev on Sunday from Japan Saga take helium balloon set off across the Pacific Ocean, until Thursday afternoon they have flying more than 5260 miles, breaking the balloon 24 years ago Manned flight farthest world record of 5209 miles. Friday morning, they also refresh the first time in 1978, mankind flew over the Atlantic when the ball hit the 137 hours of the longest flight time world record.

Troy Bradley and Leonid Tiukhtyaev take helium balloons across the Pacific Ocean
Troy Bradley and Leonid Tiukhtyaev take helium balloons across the Pacific Ocean

When they landed safely on the morning of the 31st, they flew for six days and 16 hours and 38 minutes at a distance of 6646 miles (10695.7 kilometers).

On the journey, the two pilots were in good health and were dehydrated, needed to shave and bathe. But spent a few days in a small balloon capsule is still a difficult challenge. High altitude areas, they must wear oxygen mask, to overcome the 10 degrees Celsius low temperature. They use sleeping bags, small heaters and simple toilets in the air, including fresh fruit, dry food, beef jerky and occasional hot food with a small stove.

Bradley’s wife, also the balloon pilot Tami Bradley, said the family had been planning for a record flight for 15 years and spent countless hours thinking about all aspects of the journey.

The flight control room at the Albuquerque Balloon Museum in New Mexico, USA, was filled with pilots’ family and supporters, and everyone’s eyes focused on the huge screen showing the balloon position.

Until the control room received information on the safe landing of the pilot, confirming that they had boarded a fishing boat to the coast of Mexico, the crowd burst into a warm cheer and opened the champagne celebration.

“I can say on behalf of the whole team, we are very excited, finally relieved.” Task Control Center Director Steve Shope said that the flight greatly exceeded the original record.

“There will be no controversy at their point of connection.” Sam Parks, chairman of the Southwest of the American Balloon Federation, points out that the monitors and trackers installed on the balloons record the entire process from takeoff to landing.

Bradley and Dickeyev originally planned to land in Canada or the United States, but because of weather problems, they eventually turn right to fly to Mexico. Although the flight progress through the network and social media real-time release, but the formal distance and time to be confirmed by the International Airways Federation, the process may take several weeks or months.

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