Treatment of patients with advanced liver cancer breakthrough

In January 2015, the California Emeryville, Eureka Therapeutics biotech company’s researchers are working for their first invention of liver immune cells before treatment programs to optimize clinical trials and preparation.

This by the Dr. Liu Cheng founded in 2006 biotechnology company specializing in cancer pioneered new drugs, and the formation of the product series of research and development company.

Riko gifted with a number of famous American cancer research institutions such as Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center and Novartis joint cooperation of basic research and clinical trials.

2013, excellent Riko invented the use of targeting immune cells to treat liver cancer breakthrough technology. The most cutting-edge technology results were published March 13 in the year the United States Science, Translational Medicine 2013; Vol5: 175-178.

Treatment of patients with advanced liver cancer breakthrough
Treatment of patients with advanced liver cancer breakthrough

The second half of this year, the project will enter another milestone in the United States into liver cancer clinical trials to verify the safety and efficacy in patients after use. As goes well, it is expected in the near future to bring hope to patients with advanced liver cancer and other life.

Use the patient’s own immune cells to treat liver cancer

Dr. Liu Cheng, said to reporters, the use of targeting immune cells to treat cancer is not new. “In the US, the treatment of blood cancers such as leukemia, the success rate of the past two years at about 80%.”

“However, this technique for liver cancer, and most can not do anything, because it only recognizes the cancer cell surface tumor markers. The markers of malignant liver cancer and other features reflect not on the cell surface, but deep inside the cancer cells . “Dr. Liu Cheng said.

Dr. Liu Cheng said, “Riko excellent core technology breakthrough, is to extract immune cells called T cells from patients with strong killing function of the body, the cancer cells can be identified for the installation of deep anti-tumor marker navigation system Immune cells after this transformation by injection to a patient, can automatically search and continuous kill cancer cells without harming normal tissue. ”

Riko gifted scientist Dr. Takashi forces had engaged in 30 years of clinical practice and cancer treatment drug development work. He told reporters that, compared with the conventional treatment of liver cancer drugs, preferably Riko breakthrough innovations to abandon the traditional targeted poor, vulnerable drug relapse, strong side effects of chemical drugs, so 100 years through its own immune system cancer treatment vision become a reality.

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