Tokyo Ocean University successfully transplanted tuna germ cells

Japan’s Tokyo Ocean University Professor Kyrgyzstan Kawasaki, who recently successfully transplanted to the blue and white fish can produce tuna sperm and egg germ cells. The transplanted mackerel is expected to spaw and fertilize in the summer of 2015 and is expected to breed tuna fry.

Tokyo Ocean University successfully transplanted tuna germ cells
Tokyo Ocean University successfully transplanted tuna germ cells

Bluefin tuna was identified as an endangered species in 2014. Japan will now strive to use the experimental results for artificial breeding tuna.

Previously, Kinki University successfully achieved bluefin tuna from hatching to full breeding of breeding, the current part of the fish has been sold in the market. However, it takes about five years to grow tuna eggs into adult fish, and it is also necessary to use large-scale specialized facilities for breeding about 100 kilograms of breeding fish.

Colored fish hatching only about 1 year to reproduce, and adult fish only about 0.3 kilograms, can be relatively small pool in the breeding.

In large classifications, tuna and mackerel belonged to the mackerel. Yizaki Wonang, who obtained from the bluefin tuna immature germ cells, will be transplanted to the male and female fry fish. While also dealing with the transplanted mackerel fry, so that it can not produce their own germ cells. After Yizaki et al. Determined that the transplanted germ cells entered the spermate and ovary of the mackerel, respectively, and survived in the blue and white fish and continued to proliferate.

After the mackerel is ripe, the male will produce tuna sperm, and the female will produce the tuna egg. After fertilization can produce complete tuna fry. If the tuna fry can be mass production, will play a role in promoting the full culture. It is also believed that the release of fry also helps to increase the number of tuna in nature.

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