The treatment of gallstones

To the right upper abdomen discomfort, pain as the main symptoms of gallstones, is a common disease in the elderly. With the growth of age, the incidence rate also increased, due to the formation of stones and the existence of different parts of the clinical often divided into gallstones, bile duct stones and hepatolithiasis stones, these parts of the stone often associated with biliary tract infection, and Mutual cause and effect, how to choose the best treatment program, it is important through clinical diagnosis and physical examination to fully understand the disease, make accurate diagnosis, determine the existence of gallstones, size and quantity, and then for different situations to choose a different treatment.

The treatment of gallstones
The treatment of gallstones

There are two methods of clinical treatment of cholelithiasis, one is surgical treatment, removal of the gallbladder lesions, remove the stones, and the other is non-surgical therapy, that is take symptomatic treatment medicine, in vitro shock wave gravel, Therapy has its advantages and disadvantages.

Surgical therapy is an important method of treatment of cholelithiasis, but must strictly control the surgical indications, when the cholelithiasis patients with severe clinical obstruction, infection and jaundice, toxic shock and liver complications, or biliary obstruction, long-term infection Attack, after non-surgical treatment is invalid, may consider surgery. In addition, some patients with gallbladder stones, frequent episodes of symptoms, or bile duct due to repeated infection of stones, suspected liver damage, the principle of treatment is to remove stones as soon as possible, removal of the lesion gallbladder.

Non-surgical treatment of many means, such as traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture, oral solution of stone, in vitro shock wave gravel, etc., to money grass, capillaris, rhubarb and other traditional Chinese medicine composition of the row of stone soup and stimulate the bile through the ear to stimulate and adjust the biliary Systolic activity, in some patients made a row of stone effect, but this method can not make the majority of patients row of stones, if the stones are large, hard texture, the discharge is very difficult in the gallbladder stones due to cystic duct slender, Row of stone effect is not ideal, so the clinician that bile duct diameter greater than 1.5 cm, gallbladder stones greater than 0.5 cm, generally not suitable for non-surgical treatment.

A lot of scholars at home and abroad are in-depth study, foreign oral ursodeoxycholic acid, in some patients made the effect of dissolved cholesterol stones, so this drug was famous for a while, but from the clinical observation The effect of the point of view, the drug taking long cycle, side effects, diarrhea, liver damage and other adverse reactions, and clinical treatment efficiency is only about 20%, so for now, dissolving stone therapy also lacks the ideal drug.

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