Sensors can be simulated in real-time trend fencing tip

Japanese fencer Yuki Ota is currently working on the development of a project, using the latest technology to make it easier for the audience to understand the game. Ota said, “think through the power of technology to allow sports closer to life,” he hopes to achieve this dream in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

December 7, Ota in Tokyo for a practical demonstration of the active site of the technology. High-speed imaging camera can track who filled sensor Ota. By computer analysis of data, in a large display light mark out of the body and the tip of the movement. Looks like a video game screen in general.

It is reported that the development of the technology opportunity is the International Olympic Committee (IOC) at the September 2013 meeting. Concept image with the bid presentations by media artists Manabe, who served as producer generosity.

Ota said, “because a good response, and wanted to try to continue to do so.” Then together with Manabe began to realize the application of research.

Sensors can be simulated in real-time trend fencing tip
Sensors can be simulated in real-time trend fencing tip

It is reported that if the international fencing league changed the rules before 2018, then you catch the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. At this stage there were still problems miniaturized sensors, but served as chairman of the league players Ota said, “we will strive to create excellent achievements recognized by everyone.”

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