Residues of pesticides in fruits and vegetables may affect sperm quality

US researchers warned that pesticide residues in fruits and vegetables will lead to reduced sperm count, quality is also poor.

The researchers analyzed 338 sperm samples from 155 men who went to the fertility center between 2007 and 2012. The results show that men eat the most residues of high-dose pesticides in fruits and vegetables, the number of sperm is the least eat half of men.

Studies have also shown that the largest intake of pesticides in men, the normal formation of the sperm count less 1/3. But overall, the total intake of fruits and vegetables and sperm quality measurement changes are not related.

“In fact, we found that the total amount of fruit and vegetables consumed is not related to the quality of sperm,” says Wallo, a nutrition and epidemiology assistant professor at Harvard ‘s School of Public Health, who said that these findings are not about reducing the intake of fruits and vegetables.

“This suggests that a special strategy to avoid pesticides might be a viable option, such as ingesting organic-grown crops or avoiding agricultural products that are known to contain large quantities of pesticide residues.”

Studies have also shown that exposure to pesticides at work may affect sperm quality.

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