Reading E-book before bed will affect sleep health

In the evening before going to bed while reading e-books will affect sleep? United States, “National Academy of Sciences,” published study found that if you read the iPad and other electronic devices that emit light, then it will hurt the quality of sleep and even health.

To study the impact of e-reader devices such as sleep, researchers from Pennsylvania State University and Brigham and Women’s Hospital and other institutions recruited 12 volunteers. In a period of 14 days, these people were looking at bedtime iPad and printed book of 5 consecutive nights, nightly reading in dim light four hours.

Studies have shown that, compared with reading printed books, reading and more people want to use the iPad for about 10 minutes to fall asleep, they REM sleep time (ie, more than a dream stage of sleep) should be much less. Further analysis showed that they secrete melatonin to promote sleep reduced by the impact of melatonin circadian rhythm is delayed for more than an hour. Leaving researchers surprise, the same eight hours of sleep, read the iPad in the morning will feel more sleepy, alertness is relatively low, which may adversely affect daytime work.

Reading E-book before bed will affect sleep health
Reading E-book before bed will affect sleep health

The study also showed that the rich can issue such as the iPad shortwave blue light, other electronic equipment will also affect sleep. However, the use of electronic devices due to electronic ink screen does not emit light, it is not easy to have a negative impact on sleep and circadian rhythm.

The researchers noted that the overall modern living in a society with limited sleep, and the light-emitting device on human health effects may be more persistent than previously thought.

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