Paralyzed patients with Elderly for diet principle

Paralysis is caused by a variety of reasons more difficult to cure the limb muscle activity disorders based syndromes. The blow it brings to patients and their families is incalculable, and many families have left an indelible shadow on their paralysis.

Elderly patients with paralyzed diet principle Paralyzed patients with Elderly for diet principle

Paralyzed patients diet principles

Paralysis is a common condition in the elderly. Most of the patients can not take care of themselves in life and are more mentally painful. They need more care and attention from their loved ones in life and diet. At the same time, the patients’ gastrointestinal Peristalsis relatively weakening, digestion and absorption function reduced, prone to constipation, but also to the patient’s diet brings many new features. The elderly paralyzed patients should pay attention to the following principles:

1. Choose high protein, high dietary fiber and vitamin diet, you must meet the protein, vitamins, salts and total heat supply.

Proteins are composed of a variety of amino acids, is the basis of the composition of the human body, all cells and tissues by the protein composition, life, existence and demise, are all related to the protein, protein is the form of life, but also the material basis of life . Protein malnutrition affect the central nervous system, juvenile can cause growth retardation, weight loss, mental retardation, adults are tired, fatigue, decreased physical stamina, muscle atrophy, anemia, plasma albumin, edema, sexual ability Decreased, women are physiological menstrual disorders, hormonal decline, loss of libido, dark skin, soft breast and so on.

2. Pay attention to dietary fiber supply, food can not be too fine, to prevent the occurrence of constipation.

Dietary fiber can increase gastrointestinal motility, promote gastrointestinal Confucianism, gastrointestinal polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, mycotoxins, nitrosamines and other carcinogens faster excretion, reduce the occurrence of colorectal cancer. Dietary fiber can help people with diabetes control diet, balance blood sugar, promote cholesterol metabolism, prevent atherosclerosis, constipation and esophageal hernia, hemorrhoids embolism.

3. More water and eat semi-liquid food.

Paralyzed patients are often afraid of urinary inconvenience and minimize the psychological water, which is detrimental to the patient. Paralyzed patients should have adequate water supply. Daily meals should also be dry and thin, soup with rice, especially porridge is appropriate, but also appropriate to eat pickles and other salty foods, so that you can drink more water. For a few who do not want to drink, may be appropriate to eat some juicy fresh fruits. In short, paralysis of patients with appropriate drinking water can prevent the occurrence of urinary tract infections in patients.

4. Avoid strong tea, alcohol, coffee and spicy food.

5. According to cause of paralysis, adjust the diet taboo.

Such as stroke patients should control salt, cholesterol intake, increase the vitamin B rich foods, such as: beans and soy products, eggs, millet, black rice and so on. Periodic paralysis patients should eat more foods rich in potassium and so on.

6. Take care of the patient’s diet.

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