OneWeb technology companies want to start the world's largest satellite Internet plans

How this micro-satellite fleet will operate it? It will provide low-latency, high-speed Internet access directly placed in the world of small user terminals. In this system, the global mobile operator networks will cover rural and remote areas, and these areas historically not “use terrestrial networks connected economically viable.” OneWeb company said: “It will provide local operators with partners such as the small chance of its terminal base station, using a carrier partner of unlicensed spectrum or unlicensed spectrum authorized LTE and WiFi, via WiFi, LTE, 3G. or 2G connection. in addition, you can also cover mobile phone, computer or tablet. the network will also speed up network access to emergency and disaster emergency response, refugee camps or elsewhere.

When it comes to cost, Branson said: “In terms of price, the initial array will spend nearly $ 2 billion, but we can still do very competitive prices for the end user the opportunity is endless future of this. large network will provide help for people who currently no network access, and is committed to providing quality service at competitive price. “

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